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Parents Speak

Hi! I just wanted to tell u that your cards are excellent! I've been doing the human body with my kids and they are perfect. Giving just the right amount of information for children. They remember the names and even the function of each organ of the body now!
Something I would suggest for all moms for sure !!
Wish u d best for your venture!

-Dharini Kothari, Mumbai
So both my kids just love the cards!! We are having great success. In fact had to share - they were playing it as a game this morning - my older one was calling out all the mammals and the younger one picking up the cards and giving her

-Ashni Dwarkadas, Mumbai
Hey Tejal! hope all well with you! Just wanted to give you a feedback on the flash cards . We started on Thursday and by Saturday my daughter recognized the set . She actually sits in one spot and listens !! I'm getting ready for the next set already from tomorrow :) had to share xx

-Natasha Mehta, Mumbai
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