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-Vaishali Shah, Mumbai
-Prachi Kagzi, Mumbai
Hi! I just wanted to tell u that your cards are excellent! I've been doing the human body with my kids and they are perfect. Giving just the right amount of information for children. They remember the names and even the function of each organ of the body now!
Something I would suggest for all moms for sure !!
Wish u d best for your venture!

-Dharini Kothari, Mumbai
Hi babe .... Been doing the flash cards with Ayaan.
And he is absolutely enjoying them
Picking up so well
Thank u :):*

-Niharika Agarwal, Mumbai
I am a mother of a toddler and have been enriching my toddler's experience of learning since she was a baby. I completely believe that when children are presented with information that is honest and factual, they joyously acquire the taste to understand it through their sensory pathways. Quantum cards are visually very stimulating to absorb the information presented. The cards are precise, clear, and easy to handle during the card flashing session. The information enumerated behind are well structured so that they can be used to teach children at a later stage. My toddler always looks forward to our card flashing sessions and she absorbs the information like a sponge. I look forward to getting more Quantum card sets on a variety of topics!

-Bhargavi Srivatsan, Puducherry
So both my kids just love the cards!! We are having great success. In fact had to share - they were playing it as a game this morning - my older one was calling out all the mammals and the younger one picking up the cards and giving her

-Ashni Dwarkadas, Mumbai
Ishaan started recognizing the country flags within a few sessions. He often tells me, “Papa, let’s do flags” many times a day. The Indian flag has become his favorite and he wants to hold it while seeing the other cards. Beautifully crafted product by Brainsmith!

-Chintan Shah, Mumbai
As a father, I find it difficult to fathom what's best for my child when it comes to developing the right skills. My intention is to help my child learn something through enjoyment instead of force.
Quantum cards is a wonderful product that is not only interesting for the child but also informative for the parents. As a father, it became easy to engage with my daughter and teach her something educative with the cards.
The cards have helped her in developing pictorial memory and remembering the different pictures and objects. My daughter likes playing with them and keeps bringing the cards back to me to play with her.
Thanks team Brainsmith for this wonderful product!

-Sourav Bagaria, New Delhi
Hey Tejal! hope all well with you! Just wanted to give you a feedback on the flash cards . We started on Thursday and by Saturday my daughter recognized the set . She actually sits in one spot and listens !! I'm getting ready for the next set already from tomorrow :) had to share xx

-Natasha Mehta, Mumbai
Amu loves playing with her Quantum card sets. She even has her favorite set, Flags! She can even name them and identify them when I show her the cards

-Abhilash Joseph, Bengaluru