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How do I start the Early Learning Process?

Early everyday experiences shape a child. And what constitutes these experiences? Playing and learning through play comprises over 50% of a child’s time. It’s the time they are most receptive to absorbing new information and holding on to them significantly. Actively exploring their environment helps them discover a sense of identity for their surroundings and for themselves. And most importantly, enriching interactions with significant adults in a child’s life is a major contributor to a child’s learning experience and lifelong bonds.  

Taking this journey of Early Learning with your little one will promise to be the best experience of yours and your child’s life. The resources and time invested in this journey need to fulfil certain aspects of learning and development in order to be beneficial.

Play-based: Play is one of the best ways through which a child learns. It is a time when they are the most relaxed and will quickly grasp everything they are doing. Because it is enjoyable, children are completely absorbed in play. Subsequently, this builds their concentration and helps them learn through different kinds of activities.

Emotionally-supportive: Early learning resources are focused towards child development. During the first five years, emotional development also plays an integral role. Materials that encourage a child’s emotional development enable them to be more compassionate individuals, grow emotionally and develop social skills.

Academically-stimulating: As we know, the first five years are crucial with respect to brain development and a child is the most impressionable with what we want them to learn. Resources that make for intellectual and sensory development have been proven to be academically stimulating for a child’s brain.

Language-enriched: It is common knowledge that a child can learn as many languages in the first 6 years. For every sound, a brain develops a nerve connection and these connections become stronger with continuous application. Learning resources that build on a child’s language and vocabulary enable efficient development of those neural pathways.

At Brainsmith, we believe that learning is a process in perpetuity and we strive to build resources that fulfil learning objectives and encourage little children to foster a lifelong love for learning.