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Developmental Milestones

Posted on March 09 2023

Developmental Milestones

Our babies grow and develop quite rapidly during the first years of their lives. They’re constantly learning new things as well as growing in size. From rolling over, sitting up, crawling to saying their first words. All of these can be considered major milestones and rightfully so. 

First time when our little one calls out “mama” or “papa” is probably the best thing in the world right? Beautiful and magical. And even though these developments are special, we need to remember that our little ones will grow at their own pace. There are times when we feel most kids at a particular age have started walking while your baby hasn’t. We need to realize that not all babies are the same. Your little one will also start walking or talking when they feel is right, all we can do is encourage them and keep them happy.

Here are a few developmental milestones to celebrate:

Recognizing Sounds

Many babies at the end of their first month start to recognise different sounds including the parents’ voices. You can see a change in your baby’s reaction to different rattles or voices. Also learn the kind of sounds they like and dislike.

Grabbing and shaking things

As babies grow, so do their strength. You can see your little ones being able to grab small things and shake (their way of playing). For this, you can give your babies small rattles like a maracas or a handbell for them to stay busy and have fun. A great way to start developing their fine motor skills

Sitting up

Babies being able to sit on their own is just amazing. By this time, you know that your little one can balance themselves in a much better way. It’s astonishing to see how babies one day just manage to sit on their own and continue their playing. 

Crawling/ standing up with support

Once the little ones start sitting, it’s only a matter of time before they start to crawl and even pull themselves up to stand with support. It makes you realise how fast time flies. Babies do grow up very fast. All these movements not only develop their physical strength but also their brain. 

First words

The day our little ones speak their first word is probably a day we will never forget. From the day they’re born, we’re waiting for the little person to call us “Mama” or “Papa” and when that day finally comes, of course it should be celebrated.

Pretend playing

Little ones love imitating us and incorporate it in their play. They might even surprise you at times if you pay attention to how they’re playing doctor or kitchen set. The dialogues they use could be simple and what you probably use regularly without realising. Little ones pay attention to what happens in their environment- the setting, how people speak, behavior, etc

Kicking/ throwing

While learning to walk and holding things is a major development, kicking and throwing is also a part of building motor skills. Little ones learn about how they can use their hands and legs in more ways than one and the cause and effect of things.

Not just these, anything our little ones do is a milestone and should be celebrated. Their first laugh, first day of eating solids, first tooth, first day of school, and many more. The list can go on