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Ted's Senses

Ted's Senses

Have you met Ted? And his friends? They’re here to take you and your little one into their world to show us who they are and what they do. These illustrative storybooks are conceptualized and designed to teach a child more than just the names of their five sense organs, in a fun way.

  •  - Fun and Attractive Illustrations
  •  - Simple and Clear Language
  •  - Written and Edited by a Professional
  •  - Exclusive and Innovative Concept

How do they help?


  • Introduction to new concepts

    Introduction to
    new concepts

  • Stimulation of curiosity

    Stimulation of

  • Imagination and Brain Development

    Imagination and
    Brain Development

  • Development of Early Literacy Skills

    Development of
    Early Literacy Skills




Here are Ted's Friends

Look who's here? It's Ted's Ear

What has a canal, a drum, and a tool-box hidden inside something that’s the size of a hazelnut? What helps you balance on a skateboard but is not your legs? Your Ears! Sounds unbelievable? Or is it unbelievable how many sounds it hears?! Ted’s ear will be happy to tell you more


Say Hi! to Ted's Eye

I spy with my little eye...But how does our little eye spy? Meet Ted’s eye
who will tell you how it’s smarter than a camera, responsible for
80 percent of Ted’s knowledge 
and many more eye-opening facts.


Who knows Ted's Nose?

Who knows your food is stale before you even taste it? Who cleans the air you breathe so you don’t fall sick? It’s true...the nose knows best. Join Ted’s nose as it tells you about all the marvelous jobs it does.


Roll along Ted's Tongue!

What helps us taste delicious food and can say “it’s yummy” too? What helps us taste bitter food and sticks out of our mouth to show how ‘yucky’ it is? You guessed it! Ted’s tongue would like to show you how it can do all that and more...and might even show–off its tongue-twisting skills by saying ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’!



Grin with Ted's Skin

“Skin-nymarinky-dinkydoo...I love you” Says Ted’s skin to him. His knight in shining armour, it protects Ted’s precious organs from evil enemies called germs and acts like Ted’s raincoat. Sounds surprising? Let's go skin deep to find out how!


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