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 Newborn Cards

  1. What are Newborn Cards?

Newborn Cards are large flashcards with high-contrast black and white pictures.  These are paramount for a newborn baby’s visual stimulation and brain development and are available in a range of topics. Each set has 10 cards. The front has a high-contrast image and the back of the card has the relevant name.


  1. What’s the suitable age group for Newborn Cards?

These cards are backed by research and are primarily used with newborn babies from 4 weeks to 6 months. However, the design of these cards is such that you can use them to create a ton of activities to keep your toddler engaged and away from screens!


  1. How are Newborn Cards useful for the baby?

Research suggests that babies can only see the colours black, white and gray for the first few months after birth. These cards help the baby to achieve the required visual stimulation for a  fully developed eyesight. You can read more about Newborn Cards here


  1. What are the dimensions of the Newborn Cards?

The size of each card is approximately 26 cm by 22 cm (approximately 10 inches by 8.5 inches).


  1. What do Newborn Cards consist of?

Each set of Newborn Cards consists of 10 cards with high-contrast images. The images are baby–friendly silhouettes and easy on a baby's eyes.


  1. What material are the Newborn Cards made of?



  1. How do I take care of these cards?

These cards are durable and easy to care for. When purchased, they come in a sturdy gift-worthy box to store them. They should be cleaned with a dry cloth.


  1. How do I use these cards with my newborn baby?

Newborn Cards can be used in a variety of ways. There is a sheet included in the set that guides you on the usage of these cards. You can also check out some additional resources on our blog post here.


  1. How do I store Newborn Cards?

Please store them in the box provided so you don't lose any card.


  1. Who can I give Newborn Cards to?

Newborn Cards are most beneficial to Newborn Babies. So these make for perfect gifts for expectant mothers, new moms and new babies.


Quantum Cards


  1. What are Quantum Cards?

Quantum Cards are big-size flashcards with both sides being beneficial. Each card has a hand-painted illustration or real image, isolated on a white background, on one side and kid-friendly encyclopaedic facts on the other side. These cards have multiple uses - they serve as a learning tool for children for early brain development and knowledge enhancement. The large images on the cards help in visual and auditory stimulation.


  1. What’s the suitable age group for Quantum Cards?

Quantum Cards are designed for children from 6 months to 8 years. For maximum effect, they should be used as early as possible, i.e. at the age of 6 months. They have been designed specifically to stimulate the unformed visual pathways in babies. The visual and the auditory pathway (What they see and what they hear) are two of the most powerful pathways to stimulate the brain.


  1. What’s the difference between Flashcards and Quantum Cards?

Quantum Cards are a twist to the classic flashcards. They are large because it is easier for little children to see the big bright images on a white background. The other side of Quantum Cards is equipped with information about the image to make it an interactive learning aid for children.


  1. What are the dimensions of Quantum Cards?

The size of Quantum Cards approximately 26 cm by 22 cm (approximately 10 inches by 8.5 inches).


  1. What do Quantum Cards consist of?

Each set of Quantum Cards consists of 11 large flashcards, of which 10 cards have a hand-painted image in the front and encyclopaedic facts at the back. It  has one additional flashcard with activities for kids to do. 


  1. How are Quantum Cards useful to children?

Quantum Cards are designed to fulfil two important purposes (i) early sensory development, i.e., Visual and Auditory; and (ii) introduce concepts to children in the easiest way possible. The brain grows most rapidly during the first six years of life. During this time, sensory experiences play a critical role in this process. By using Quantum Cards, your child gets the required visual and auditory stimulus that accelerates their brain development. 


  1. How do I use Quantum Cards?

- Following are step-by-step instructions on using Quantum Cards:

*Take one full set of 10 Quantum Cards.

*Sit at an arm’s length (approx. two feet) from your child so that you and your child are facing each other.

*Place the cards in front of you. Start by enthusiastically introducing the topic, for example, “I have some Musical Instruments to show you!”

*Then, one by one, quickly move the back card to the front and announce its name, for example, “piano,” “cello,” “bass drum,” etc. Moving the back card to the front instead of the other way around allows you to look at the name before you present it to your child.

*Flash through the whole set of ten cards as enthusiastically and quickly as possible. The whole process should take about 15-20 seconds. (Note: If your child is able to speak, allow them to repeat the name after you present it to them. This allows you to check their pronunciation and also helps them remember better).

*Children love learning quickly and without anxiety, so try to make your sessions very fast, fun, organized, and enthusiastic.


  1. How often should I use Quantum Cards with my baby?

Each set should be used three times daily. Make sure you shuffle the cards every time you use them.


  1. When is the right time to use Quantum Cards with my child?

For maximum effect, Quantum Cards should be used when both the child and the parent are in a happy and excited mood. So, catch your child when they are feeling energized and enthusiastic.


  1. When should I progress from one set to the next?

You can introduce a new set to your little one every 2 weeks. Please include the old ones as the child’s visual pathways memorize familiar stimuli quicker.


  1. When should I use the encyclopaedic facts?

Once your child has been properly introduced and is able to remember the names, you can start by reading out the encyclopaedic facts from the back.


  1. Who should be using Quantum Cards with the child?

Quantum Cards are age-agnostic. Our wide and differentiated variety of topics, backed by authentic encyclopaedic content and our great visuals, make them appealing to children of all age groups, not to forget most adults too!


  1. Why are the cards so large?

Quantum Card size of 26 cm by 22 cm is significant for two reasons; (i) a large image of the object helps a child retain and recognize the object efficiently; and (ii) a large card ensures a child’s focus stays on the object and eliminates surrounding distractions.


  1. Where are these images sourced from?

Most of our images are hand-painted by our expert artists. In some cases, wherever necessary, we license these images from the original source.


  1. Why are the images isolated on a white background?

Each image is isolated on a white background to present an accurate illustration of the object to the child. This is very important from a learning and development perspective so that your child can focus on one thing at a time without being distracted easily.


  1. How do I care for Quantum Cards?

Quantum Cards come in a sturdy, gift-worthy box which you can use to store as well. They should be cleaned with a dry cloth. They are thicker and more durable than regular flashcards and don’t require too much care.


  1. How do I store Quantum Cards?

Please store them in the box they come in.


  1. Will you give me a discount if I want to buy in bulk?

Yes, absolutely :) We are always open to bulk orders and offer special pricing for these orders. You can reach out to us on +91-88793 31225 to speak to our team for an offer customised just for you!


  1. Do you have these cards available in other languages too?

Quantum Cards are currently available only in English. However, we at Brainsmith are working swiftly towards making them available in many more languages to benefit a wider audience.


  1. Can I copy any images, text, or any content from your website or cards in part or in whole?

A lot of time and effort has been invested to create Quantum Cards. We take pride in delivering a great quality product and all our images and content have the requisite copyrights.


  1. Do you do return gifts and favours for parties?

Yes, we do returns for kid’s birthday parties, playdates and the likes. Please check out our Gifting Page and call us on +91-8879331225 to take this further.


Swoora Music Toys

  1. What are Swoora Music Toys?

Swoora Music Toys are the first-of-its-kind collection of wooden sound and percussion toys for babies, toddlers and pre-school kids. They comprise of wooden rattles, drums and percussion instruments that are designed specially for little children to hold, play and have the best time. They are sized perfectly for children and are completely safe to play with.


  1. What’s the suitable age group for Swoora Music Toys?

Swoora Music Toys are made for babies right from 3 months upwards. Our drums and percussion toys can be used by kids and adults alike.


  1. How are Swoora Music Toys useful for the baby?

Music plays an important role in early child development and musical toys help your baby grow in every way - emotionally, mentally and physically, during these early years. When children create and explore sounds and rhythms using musical toys, it further enhances cognitive and motor skills along with sensory development. And most importantly, they have the best time!


  1. What material are the Swoora Music Toys made of?

The toys are made of rubber wood and are environmentally sustainable.


  1. How do I take care of these toys?

These toys are easy to care for. Wipe them with a dry cloth and they'll be good!


  1. How do I store Swoora Music Toys?

Please store them in the box provided or in a cloth bag.


  1. Who can I give Swoora Music Toys to?

Swoora Music Toys are loved by adults and kids alike. The recommended age group would be right from 3 months to 6 years.


Wooden Toys


  1. Why Wooden toys?

We’ve launched a range of Wooden Toys for children to have a safe, appropriate and playful childhood. Our toys are made of premium-quality wood which is environmentally sustainable. The colours used are non-toxic and are CE certified. Our Wooden Toys are long-lasting, child-safe and are designed to equip little children with the skills and abilities for adequate development.


  1. For what age group are the Wooden Toys for?

There is a toy for everyone be it a baby, a toddler or a 5-year-old! Our age range is from 6 months to 6 years.


  1. How do Wooden Toys help children?

Wooden Toys are designed for children to unleash their utmost potential. These premium wooden toys are created keeping in mind a child's development and ability to learn skills. Each wooden toy is here to not just educate but also entertain children of all ages. You can know more about our wooden toys range here.


  1. Are your toys safe?

Yes, our toys are child-safe with no sharp edges. The colours used are non-toxic and lead-free.


  1. Where are the Wooden Toys manufactured? Has it been made in China?

All our wooden toys are manufactured in Thailand and are of premium quality.


  1. Why are your toys made in Thailand?

Our toys are made in Thailand because of good-quality raw materials and craftsmanship available there.


  1. What wood are the toys made of?

The toys are made of Rubberwood. Each toy is carefully crafted with rounded edges and child-safe colours to ensure our little ones and you have zero stress. These wooden toys are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.


  1. How do I care for Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys can be cleaned with a dry cloth and store them in the boxes.


  1. Do you do return gifts and favours for parties?

Yes, we do returns for kid’s birthday parties, playdates and the likes. Please check out our Gifting Page and call us on +91-8879331225 to take this further. We are always open to bulk orders and offer special pricing for these orders.


Ted’s Senses 

  1. What is Ted’s Senses?

Ted’s Senses is a set of 5 illustrative storybooks for children to learn about the five sense organs, their significance and functions. This set of illustrative books personifies all the sense organs who narrate their journey to a child.


  1. What’s the suitable age group for Ted’s Senses?

Ted’s Senses is suitable for children starting 4 years.


  1. What does Ted’s Senses consist of?

Ted’s Senses is a set of 5 illustrative storybooks. This set includes 5 books:

1) I am Ted's Ear

2) I am Ted's Eye

3) I am Ted's Nose

4) I am Ted's Skin

5) I am Ted's Tongue

Each book has 28 pages and is a hardcover. The five books are stored in a slider box.


  1. How will it help the child?

Ted’s Senses are a blend of education and entertainment for young children. The book consists of beautiful child–friendly illustrations and the stories are simple and easy to comprehend. The book teaches facts with humour to keep your child happily engaged while ensuring they learn. Read more about Ted Senses here.


  1. How is it different from other storybooks available in the market?

Ted’s Senses is designed and conceptualized to make educational information interesting and joyous. The illustrative tales of Ted and the five senses will help your child acquire knowledge and strengthen their imagination.


Delivery and Returns


  1. How to purchase the product from the website?

It is very easy to order items on You add the items you want, to your cart and then proceed to the checkout page. If you have a Brainsmith account, you can log in with your email address. If you don’t have an account yet, create an account or order using the “guest checkout” option.


  1. How are the products packaged?

Each product has its own main packaging. After that, it is bubble wrapped and safely sealed in a bag before it is shipped.


  1. What if a product is out of stock?

If the product has a pre-order form on its page, it will be restocked soon. You can fill it in and we will be in touch regarding your order.


  1. How quickly can you ship my order?

Orders are shipped from Mumbai within 72 hours of purchase. For urgent orders, you can reach out to us on WhatsApp on +91 8879331225.


  1. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, Cash on Delivery, UPI, Google Pay, PayTM.


  1. Can I pay for the products through e-wallets?

Yes, you can also pay using e-wallets. If you would like to pay via an e-wallet, please get in touch with us on +91-8879331225.


  1. Is Cash On Delivery (COD) available on Brainsmith products?

Yes, COD is available for select pinches.


  1. In how long will I receive my order?

Domestic Orders are delivered within 5-8 working days. International deliveries will take 15-21 working days, depending on your location.


  1. Can I pay COD order from my Debit/Credit card at the time of delivery?

Unfortunately, our logistics partners do not offer that service. Only cash is accepted for COD orders.


  1. Do you deliver overseas?

We deliver worldwide. So even if it’s one toy or the entire collection, we will ship it to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Please write to us with your cart items and your shipping address to & we will get back to you within 24 hours.


  1. What is the delivery charge?

Domestic Shipping (India) for orders over INR 1000 is free. Orders below Rs. 1000 will be charged INR 60 for delivery. To know international shipping cost to your destination, please reach out to us on


  1. I'm am an international customer, should I expect to pay any extra duty on any internationally shipped purchase?

Yes, depending on your location your border agencies may charge you a fee for imported goods over a certain value. Please check with your local border authorities on what you are expected to pay.


  1. Can I ship different items in my order to different shipping addresses?

Our system does not allow that to happen. We request you to please place different orders if you want to ship to more than 1 delivery location.


  1. How can I confirm if my order is placed?

You will receive a confirmation email from our team as soon as your order is confirmed. If you do not receive that within 12 hours, please reach out to us on or on WhatsApp on +91 8879331225.


  1. How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a notification via SMS. For Mumbai, if you do not receive your order within 5 business days, please get in touch with us on +91-8879331225.


  1. What happens if I am not available at the time of delivery?

Our logistics partners will reattempt delivery three times, after speaking with you. If it is still not received, it will be returned to us. Furthermore, we request you to please get in touch with us on +91-8879331225 if you have been unable to accept delivery of your order.


  1. What should I do if I have not received my order yet?

Kindly get in touch with us on +91-8879331225 if you have not received your order after 10 working days (Domestic) and 21 working days (International) from the date of placing the order.


  1. I wish to place a bulk order.

For bulk orders, please call us on +91 - 8879331225 or write to us at Alternatively, please check our Gifting page here


  1. Can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a notification via SMS. The tracking link will be included in that.


  1. How can I cancel the order?

Please reach out to us on +91 – 8879331225 for this purpose.


  1. I bought the wrong item or I changed my mind. What next?

Our return policy lasts 15 days. If 15 days have gone by since your delivery, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Please get in touch with us on +91-8879331225 for more.


  1. How can I place a return request?

Please write to us on to place a return request.


  1. By when will the refund be made after the product is returned?

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If your return is approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 15 working days.


  1. What if I have received a wrong or damaged product?

Firstly, we apologize if this is the case. Please call us on +91-8879331225 and we will immediately rectify the order.


  1. Which courier company will deliver my product?

Domestic Orders (India) will be delivered via our local logistics partner. International orders will reach you by FedEx.


  1. Can I get faster delivery if I’m willing to pay more?

Yes, we do have express shipping. Please get in touch with us on or +91-8879331225 for express delivery prices.


  1. Do you have a store? Are you available at stores?

We have an online store and our range of products are available on leading online marketplaces. We are also available in over 50 stores all over India. You can check our Store Locator page to know more.



  1. What about customer privacy? If I give you my email, postal address and phone number, will you share it with others?

When you share your personal details with us, they are encrypted in our system and not shared with any third party or agency.


  1. How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

You can subscribe to our website by scrolling to the bottom of our website. Please share your email id in the box below ‘Let’s Keep in Touch’.


  1. How can I get discount coupons?

You can subscribe to our website to receive special offers and discounts.


  1. How can I avail any discount from the discount coupon I received?

Please add the coupon code during the checkout process to avail the designated discount.


General FAQs


  1. Can I purchase Gift Cards online?

Yes, you can purchase Gift Cards by Brainsmith here.


  1. Can I redeem Gift Cards at other online marketplaces?

Gift Cards by Brainsmith are only redeemable on


  1. Can I use my Gift Card after it has expired?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the Gift Card after it has expired as the codes are system generated.


  1. I’m a blogger who wants to write about you or review a product. How do I go about that?

If you are a blogger, please write to us at We would be happy to connect with you.


  1. I would like to stock your toys in my store. How do we proceed?

Please fill in the form on our Store Locator Page and we will be in touch with you.


  1. I’m from the press and impressed. Who can I contact to know more?

Please contact us to know more