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Kid's Nursery

Experts suggest that exposing your little one to a disciplined environment helps them imbibe multiple life skills like ownership, independence, daily routine and most importantly, discipline.

  • Premium-quality plantation wood
  • Environmentally-sustainable timbers
  • Safety certified non-toxic coating
  • Physical, cognitive, emotional and social development

Our range of Nursery Products


Wooden table for children's furniture, children's table Blue wooden stackable chair for children's furniture, children's furniture, kid's chair Wooden Bookshelf - Cool Blue Wooden Stacking Chair - Pure Pink

Why is it important?


    • Build Life Skills in Children

      Builds Life Skills 

    • Inculcate discipline in children

      Inculcates Discipline 

    • Child Growth

      Promotes Child Growth 

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Looking for Bulk Buying Options?

If you have a preschool, playschool or daycare or are starting one soon, you need to decorate your space with colourful yet child-safe furniture. We've got you back!

We have very attractive furniture for children and coupled with special offers for our partners, the little munchkins will always be glad to be a part of your space. And our story too!

Our wooden furniture is designed and crafted by quality-wood and skilled craftsmen and finished with a non-toxic coat to ensure child safety.

If this is what you have in mind, quickly say hi to us on +91 - 9987399936 or and we'll take you on the journey to Brainsmith!