Quantum Cards | Brainsmith

What are they?


They are large format encyclopaedic knowledge flash cards, available in a multitude of topics, which have clear hand-illustrated images on the front side and detailed information at the back. We currently have 60 topics for mothers to choose from and are including more topics every day. 

Who can use them?

These cards are innovative learning tools aimed at a child's early brain development. Children from the age group of 6 months to 10 years can use these cards. They serve multiple purposes depending on the child's age. 


How do they help?

Quantum cards are proven to have more benefits than just being flash cards. They

  • Greatly help in the sensory development of babies - Auditory and Visual
  • Trigger cognitive and language development in a child by reading and talking to them
  • Boost parent-child bonding by providing an enriched learning environment
  • Help children learn to discover and explore by instilling a sense of curiosity
  • Greatly reduce screen time; relevant especially in a plagued digital age as ours
  • Develop self-help skills in children to inculcate confidence and a feeling of independence
  • Help children learn about several topics in a short span of time, thereby promoting intellectual growth

How to use Quantum Cards?

Following are step-by-step instructions on using Quantum Cards:

  • Take one full set of 10 Quantum Cards
  • Sit about an arm’s length (approx. two feet) from your child so that you and your child are facing each other
  • Place the cards in front of you. Start by enthusiastically introducing the topic, for example “I have some Musical Instruments to show you!”
  • Then, one by one, quickly move the back card to the front and announce its name, for example “piano,” “cello,” “bass drum,” etc. Moving the back card to the front instead of the other way around allows you to look at the name before you present it to your child
  • Flash through the whole set of ten cards as enthusiastically and quickly as possible. The whole process should take about 15-20 seconds. (Note: If your child is able to speak, allow them to repeat the name after you present it to them. This allows you to check their pronunciation and also helps them remember better)
  • Children love learning quickly and without anxiety, so try to make your sessions very fast, organized, and enthusiastic

Apart from this, these cards can be used as a resource for school projects, to build on oratory skills and confidence and provide global exposure to the child.