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When do I start the Early Learning Process?

Learning begins before birth and is a process in perpetuity. Brain development commences at conception and continues until the age of 5 - a child’s brain grows to 90% of its adult size by then. Therefore, brain growth and development of a child is a product of constant stimulation. The brain forms nerve connections in response to the stimulation it receives where a child actively undergoes a process of sensory and cognitive development. It is a process that can be speeded using the right resources, exposure and stimuli.

Learning and play during the first five years form the basis of nerve connections in a child’s brain. As soon as your baby is born, your window of opportunity opens. Interact with your baby as much as possible. Hug, cuddle and kiss your baby. This helps stimulate the sense of touch. Talk to your baby, read and sing to them, thereby stimulating auditory pathways. Using high-contrast resources, like black and white picture cards, with your baby greatly help in stimulating the visual sensory connections. Spend time bonding and playing with your child as these nourishing experiences will lead to the formation of their strongest memories.