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Why Choose Wooden Toys For Children?

Posted on March 21 2023

Why Choose Wooden Toys For Children?

It's inherent as a parent to want to provide the best for our little ones in terms of everything we get for them. One of the most bought things for children are TOYS because why not right?! Some we get as gifts, some we buy because they need it and some we buy because we can't resist the temptation of how cute they are!

Most households have more plastic toys but we see a mindset shift in India where more and more parents are getting wooden toys for their little ones because they care about landfills, the environment or their baby getting hurt. Wooden toys are environment-friendly, safe, and timeless. They probability of them breaking is also lesser because they are made to last for generations.

Educators and experts only talk about how simple toys that involve thinking and exploring on a child's part are the best toys to play with. And wooden toys are just that. Simply but aesthetically designed wooden toys help in broadening our little ones’ imaginations without any distractions and provide the enrichment their developing brains need.

We're listing some more reasons on why wooden toys are worth the investment for yourself and your little ones.

1. Wooden Toys promote creative play

The toys with many uses and sounds usually offer immediate gratification and therefore, the focus on learning new skills gets lost. Simpler wooden toys on the other hand focus on the skills a child can pick and build concentration in a child. For example, kids learn cause and effect by the age of 9 months. Things like, tapping the wooden block on the ground makes noise. Their simplicity makes them open-ended which allows children to explore, imagine and play however they wish to. 


2. Wooden Toys introduce new concepts easily

Wooden toys also make sound but compared to other toys with sounds and flashy lights, they are quieter and calmer to make sure the child does not get overwhelmed. They are great to look at and children are instantly attracted to it. They don't have overwhelming designs or stickers or prints and we know for sure that kids love them!


3. Wooden Toys build a strong foundation for brain development

Unlike other toys that can be stuck with magnets, most wooden toys or wooden blocks do not have any system of holding them together and that's the beauty of wooden toys. The child gives the toy 100% focus and attention and is free to explore it the way he/she wants to. Plus with Brainsmith wooden toys, there is no one correct way to play with them. Kids can play with wooden toys in infinite ways and they'll all be right. 


4. Wooden Toys boost Cognitive development

Wooden toys give our kids an all-round experience of play-based learning which is significant in their cognitive development. They help in enhancing the logic and reasoning power of the child along with the thought process. Wooden Toys help a child understand different shapes, weights, and volumes, and encourage little ones to use their brains and come up with innovative ideas to play. 


5. Wooden Toys are durable and long-lasting

There’s no denying the fact that wooden toys last much longer compared to other toys. Many of the toys that we receive from our elders or are inherited are wooden toys, they are not indestructible but sure are more durable. Plus one of the best feelings is watching your younger child play with the toys you got for your older child and the different ways in which both the babies played with the wooden toy.


6. Wooden Toys are safe

Probably the most important feature we look for while buying toys for our babies is the safety. With Brainsmith wooden toys, there’s no worry of kids getting hurt as they are finished with rounded edges and have smooth surfaces. As a parent, the colour is another point of concern but most wooden toys in the market now use lead-free, non-toxic paints while making wooden toys.


7. Wooden Toys are environmentally sustainable

Most parents opt for wooden toys for environmental reasons and rightfully so. Our little ones have the habit of putting toys in their mouth the minute they pick it or while playing. With Brainsmith wooden toys, that worry disappears as they’re made of renewable sources, are environmentally-friendly and free from any chemicals.

8. Wooden Toys are aesthetically-designed

They may be simple but wooden toys sure have that aesthetic appeal. They’re smooth, clean and simply beautiful looking toys that last. According to the Montessori philosophy, clean lines, simple looking with attractive colours and order create a calm learning environment and wooden toys fit perfectly in these situations. They can be stacked, are easy to clean and very simple yet so attractive that even us parents can't stop ourselves from getting them for our kids!

Not all toys that are made of materials other than wood are bad. It’s good to have a balance in everything. There might be some qualities in other toys that we would want our little ones to learn and vice versa. But, including wooden toys in their playtime along with other toys could benefit them in more ways than one.