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What are Quantum Cards?

Interactive flashcards for kids (8 months to 8 years) to stimulate the auditory and visual pathways and boost brain development in toddlers and children. They are large flashcards that engage little children in playful activities.

  • Scientifically-designed 
  • Large attractive images
  • Packed in a sturdy & attractive box
  • Premium-quality

Our range of Quantum Cards


Farm Animals flashcards for kids Solar System Planets Flashcards for toddlers Body Organs Flashcards for kids school  

  world country national flags Flashcards for kids and toddlers Fruits Flash Cards for Babies and ToddlersDinosaurs Flashcards for Toddlers and Kids 


How do they help?

  • Enhance auditory and visual development

    Auditory and Visual Development

  • Stimulates imagination and improves brain development

    Imagination and Brain Development

  • Improve language & vocabulary

    Development of Language and Vocabulary

  • Introduction to new concepts

    Introduction to New Concepts

Choose from our range of topics!

How to use Quantum Cards?

  • Take one full set of 10 Quantum Cards
  • Sit about an arm’s length (approx. two feet) from your child so that you and your child are facing each other
  • Place the cards in front of you. Start by enthusiastically introducing the topic, for example “I have some National Flags to show you!”
  • Then, one by one, quickly move the back card to the front and announce its name, for example “Portugal,” “Spain,” “India” etc. Moving the back card to the front instead of the other way around allows you to look at the name before you present it to your child.
  • Flash through the whole set of ten cards as enthusiastically and quickly as possible. The whole process should take about 15-20 seconds. (Note: If your child is able to speak, allow them to repeat the name after you present it to them. This allows you to check their pronunciation and also helps them remember better)
  • Children love learning quickly and without anxiety, so try to make your sessions very fast, organized, and enthusiastic

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