About | Brainsmith

Brainsmith was founded by a new mom in her relentless pursuit to find novel ways and different materials to stimulate her little son’s mind. Her exploration in finding age-appropriate products that would provide the stimuli to teach her child about a diverse range of topics lead her to research about Early child literacy and development.

That journey led to the establishment of Brainsmith where we enable parents, teachers, and educationists to empower children using the best learning tools and methods.

At Brainsmith, we are dedicated to creating innovative learning materials that stimulate young minds, instill a sense of curiosity and foster a lifelong love of learning. Our vision is to help young children learn in an honest, factual and most importantly joyous manner!

The Team Behind Brainsmith

Tejal Bajla (Co-Founder)

Tejal BajlaTejal’s passion for finding engaging material to stimulate her son’s mind was the genesis of Brainsmith. The journey behind Brainsmith is Tejal’s exploration of following the traditional methods of teaching while bonding and engaging with her son in his early learning stage. Eventually discovering new developments in the field of Early child learning and development, she created the first set of ‘Quantum Cards’.

Her experience in developing early child development learning tools come from studying courses like, "How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" at Glen Doman’s Institute, Philadelphia. These courses strengthened her belief that brain growth and development can be accelerated in young children with the help of the right tools and methods.

Tejal graduated from Kingston University, London with an BBA in Management studies. Her early career path was in the banking sector at Morgan Stanley. She later quit her career to raise her firstborn.

Tejal aspires to share her learnings with mothers like her who want to inspire their children to reach their highest potential. She is resolute in her mission to help every parent understand the importance of early child learning and brain development through the products she creates at Brainsmith.

Akshay Jalan (Co-Founder)

Akshay JalanAkshay is the operational and research genius behind Brainsmith. He strives to come up with the most innovative products that parents, teachers, and educationists can use for facilitating early child learning and brain development.

Akshay has merited his Engineering degree from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. He was elected by BASES, Stanford University’s E-Bootcamp in the top 100 college entrepreneurs’ category. He was the youngest team member to be involved with the Technology Entrepreneurship Programme, a initiative of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad supported by the local government for engineering college students.

He has the experience of working in diverse verticals ranging from software development, product development, strategy and ideation, and sales and marketing. He has previously co-founded Tagmuse, a launch pad for independent artists. He is currently part of the Global shapers Community (an initiative of World Economic Forum), a group of young people with exceptional potential who are identified based on their achievements and drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Akshay brings not just his diverse experience to Brainsmith but also his genuine desire to create revolutionary learning tools for young children. His deep desire for learning drives him to continuously explore and create unique learning tools that create opportunities for young children to learn anything.