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Farm Animals Newborn Cards

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Boost your newborn baby's eyesight and attention span with Brainsmith Newborn Cards - a must-have for every baby, right from birth. They are large-size infant flashcards for babies with images in black and white colour, to stimulate their eyesight and brain.


FARM ANIMALS FLASHCARDS (SET OF 10 CARDS): The Farm Animals flashcard set has black and white high-contrast picture cards. Each card has a picture of a farm animal on one side and the name of that animal on the other side. The following cards are a part of this set - Duck, Sheep, Cow, Hen, Goat, Pig, Rooster, Donkey, Ox, Turkey.

VISUAL STIMULATION (0-6 MONTHS): These infant cards are designed to stimulate your newborn baby’s visual sensory pathways as their brain and vision develops. The black and white pictures enhance your baby’s development in a fun and interactive way and introduce your baby to colours they can see.

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: These high-contrast infant flashcards for babies also help in building focus and attention span. You place them in your baby’s line of sight in the crib, on the bed during tummy time or during diaper change or wherever your baby spends some time. These cards will keep your baby engaged and boost brain development.

ACTIVITY CARDS FOR TODDLERS: From 6 months, these newborn stimulation cards are a great way to introduce the topic and create learning activities for kids to continue your baby’s early learning journey. These activity cards are also great to engage toddlers in playful activities to recognize, match and learn. 

PERFECT GIFT FOR NEW MOMS: The baby flashcards are packed and in a premium-quality box and can be stored in the same box once open. It’s a perfect gift to give at baby showers and to pregnant and new mothers for their newborn babies. These large-size infant stimulation cards are 26 cm by 22 cm.



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