Square Tone Drum

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This wooden tone drum is a fantastic way to spark an interest in music in toddlers. Little children can explore different sounds and create different tunes by tapping the drumstick on different parts of the drumhead. The drumstick has a rubber stopper to make a pleasant sound when striking the drum. Playtime with the Square Tone Drum helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, auditory skills, recognition skills & concentration. 

Age: 6+ months


WOODEN DRUM SET: The wooden drum for kids is entirely made of wood and is durable and sturdy. The drum head is designed to produce different musical tones when struck at different places. 

REAL NOTES: Made with real drum sounds and tones, this drum set for kids has one mallet to play it with. The mallet head is covered with rubber to produce a pleasing sound.

CHILD-SAFE: This drum for toddlers has smooth surfaces and no sharp edges. All paints are non-toxic making this safe for independent playtime.

MADE IN INDIA: The wooden toy drum for toddlers and kids is made with environmentally sustainable practices. It is a perfect gift for little ones who love music.

MUSICAL LEARNING: Playtime with the square tone drum is always fun. It's great for sensory and cognitive development in kids and boosts concentration and creativity.

In the box: 

1 Square Tone Drum | 1 drum stick


Material Rubberwood
Size 6.4 x 6.4 x 4.3 inches
Category Wooden Rattle Toys for Kids
Care Wipe with a dry cloth


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