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Ted's Senses - Set of 5 Illustrative Storybooks

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Is your little one a bibliophile or a curious reader? Are you looking to add to your child's knowledge in a fun way? Then this set of children's storybooks is just what you need. Little Ted and his friends - The Ear, Eye, Nose, Skin and Tongue want to take your little one into their world and share all the wonderful things they do for Ted.

Age: 4+ Years


CHILD-FRIENDLY LANGUAGE: Ted's Senses storybooks are a set of educational story books for pre-school children. For kids, It simplifies learning about our 5 sense organs in a fun and playful manner through easy to read stories.

ATTRACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS: These storybooks for kids learning are designed and made in India. The illustrations and graphics in the story books, on our five sense organs, are bright and colourful, yet simple and effective.

ENGAGING STORIES: Each book has 1 sense organ and covers the importance, function and working of that sense organ in the form of an interesting story for kids to understand, learn and remember easily.

EDUCATIONAL: Each storybook ends with the scientific explanation of the sense organ covered in that book so kids can read themselves or parents can answer every question their curious kids throw at them.

HARDBOUND BOOKS: The educational storybooks for kids are a set of 5 books with thick paper. These books come in an open slider box to store easily. Every part of the story is easily explained with supporting and detailed illustrations.


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This set of storybooks for kids includes 5 books:

1) I am Ted's Ear
2) I am Ted's Eye
3) I am Ted's Nose
4) I am Ted's Skin
5) I am Ted's Tongue

Each book has 28 pages.

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