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Must-do Travel Experiences with your child

Posted on April 13 2017

Must-do Travel Experiences with your child

Do you, as a parent, often wonder how your child will be equipped with life skills and important character traits? The courage to begin again, finding a solution in a tough spot or managing the situation with what one has - We’ve been there and done that and all we want is for our little ones to learn them too.

Travel. One of the ways your child can grow, learn and most importantly, enjoy. But what do you like to do with your child - Visit the tourist-friendly spots, click pictures for your house and eat the food you carried from home! Or you can introduce your child to the world of experiences and activities, taking in the culture of a particular place, living like locals and do as they do! We prefer the latter, don’t you?

Here’s a list of 7 activities for your little ones where they delve into the world of experiences and go back, a happier and evolved child!


Sleep under the stars

Sleep under the stars – Do you remember those glow-in-the-dark stars you stuck to your ceiling as a young child? We, as parents, may not do that anymore for our children but why not sleep under actual stars with them?! Sneak under a blanket, grab a telescope and some munchies and you’re set! Wherever you are, if you choose to sleep under the stars you are sure to spot a shooting star or two!

(Photo Credit: Johannes Nollmeyer)


Go camping – Excite your little one at the thought of pitching her/his own tent, cooking their own food and building a campfire in the middle of a forest. Your little one will experience nature in its purest form, learning the importance of being independent and humble by being away from the luxuries and comforts that we provide, as parents. Take along some marshmallows to roast while you sit and enjoy the warmth of your campfire :)

(Photo Credit: The Active Times)


hill view

Trek to the top of a hill – Adults have an issue with this, sometimes, because of their fitness levels. Kids, however, learn resilience and grit. The courage to not give up until they get to the top and the sense of accomplishment after getting there, are traits every child needs to have. Trekking to the top of a hill advocates an attitude to never give up, no matter the circumstances.



child volunteer

Volunteer with a host family – This one’s our personal favourite where one can live with a host family and help them with a task like farming or teaching their kids English in exchange for food and accommodation. Imagine your child help out with gardening or taking care of a stranger’s farm, or even better, teaching another child English. This experience will not only teach them to work hard and value money but they also learn the importance of helping others, being independent and accomplishing daily tasks.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

children playingMake friends who speak a different language : The joy of watching your child make a new friend in another country is overwhelming. You watch them start something new in their lives, something that they will cherish and learn to nurture, with your guidance. A friend who speaks a different language can not only help your child learn that language but your child can teach them his/her language as well. An experience we just wish we had as a child. And the best way for them to stay in touch is to have the privilege of having and being a pen pal :) 































theme park




Experience a theme park – Nothing talks adrenaline more than theme parks for children! A trip to one makes for a complete travel experience. It’s the excitement of the rides, the feeling in their stomachs when they’re free-falling and most importantly, facing their fear of rides and overcoming it. A child’s day at a theme park is magical and fun and we believe every child should experience this at least once. Don’t you just agree! 

(Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

Child photographerPhotograph a day of travel – We all have our DSLRs and GoPros and we can click brilliant pictures but what about our kids?! Give them a camera for a day and watch them click away. Their perspective and ideas can be very intriguing and beautiful. A child not only learns to handle a camera responsibly but also figures his interest for photography, if any!


(Photo Credit: Covalent Marketing)



These experiences are innumerable and this list can go on! But these are a few that we believe will equip a child with not just long-lasting memories but inculcate some important life skills which they’ll be grateful for knowing. So if you’re planning your next vacation with your little ones, make sure to include at least one or two of these for them and watch your kids be captivated by the travel bug!

Don't forget to capture these memories!


Cover Photo Credit: Wallpaperup