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Why Babies and Toddlers Need Quantum Cards

Posted on October 01 2021

Why Babies and Toddlers Need Quantum Cards

Quantum Cards or flashcards always guarantee a fun learning experience and there are endless number of activities that we can do with our children. For example, incorporate them in sensory play sessions or simply play matching games. Flashcard learning is a popular means  to introduce children to new words, images or concepts. But, do you know what the soul purpose of these flashcards are? They are used for brain stimulation of our little ones. They are scientifically-designed to enhance and encourage active recall. Practicing with it creates stronger neural connections in the brain, making it a very effective method for improving memory. Flashcards primarily focus on developing visual memory since visual memory is considered to be the strongest part of human memory. 

Here are the benefits of these flashcards in detail and how they help your little one grow:

1. Stimulates Auditory and Visual Sensory Pathways

Since birth, your little one's senses are constantly developing. Their sensory pathways grow and develop based on stimulation. Their brain develops vigorously between birth and the age of six. Providing little ones with visual, auditory and tactile stimulation with appropriate frequency, intensity and duration will result in them developing more rapidly in all areas - enhanced mobility and Speech.

2. Boosts Memory and Brain Development

Research suggests that visual memory is considered to be the strongest part of human memory and during the early years our little ones’ brains develop the most rapidly. Flashcards/Quantum Cards are a great source to develop the little one’s visual or photographic memory. Incorporating activities with Quantum Cards encourages brain cell connections that can last a lifetime. 

3. Builds Language and Vocabulary

Quantum Cards/Flashcards are designed for brain stimulation. At first when you flash these cards to your little ones they might be confused but you do this activity twice or even thrice (don’t forget to recite the objects to them) you'll notice that the fourth time, your toddler is actually, naming the object. They grasp on things very quickly, don’t they? This means that the child is able to absorb and remember information and the brain stimulation is actually working.

4. Introduces New Concepts 

Quantum Cards/Flashcards come in a variety of topics like Mammals, Dinosaurs, National Flags, Fruits, Solar Systems, Organs of the body, etc. You can use these cards to introduce new topics to your little one in a very simple way. The information at back of these cards will help in answering all their Whys and Hows! And to share some trivia when they start talking.

5. Reduces Screen Time

The year 2020 increased a lot of screen time for our kids. And Taking away your child’s screen (phone, ipad, etc) is not a very pleasant situation. The hand-painted colourful/ attractive pictures on the flashcards will not only keep your kids hooked, but also reduce screen time and bring out great outcomes. The amount of activities that can be done using these cards are probably infinite (maybe less ;) )

6. Helps to Create Activities for Kids

Quantum Cards can be used in many different ways and not just for flashing activities, that’s the beauty of it. You can use them in sensory play. For example, make a solar system sensory tub for your little one and place the solar system cards around it as well. Now with the help of these cards, your little one can identify each planet and learn something about them. You can also use them in matching activities as well.

7. Develops Recognition Skills in Kids

Since these cards have hand-painted realistic images, the little one learns about how it looks in real instead of an illustration. For example, with Fruits Quantum Cards, you will see them recognising the actual fruit once you begin using the set regularly with your little one.