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Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas

Posted on December 24 2021

Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas. The magical time of the year! 

Though it is known as the most wonderful holiday of the year, there sure is a lot to do when it comes to the decorations.

Are you a person who procrastinated decorating their home for Christmas as well? and now it is too late to buy stuff? Worry not! We are here with some easy last minute DIY Christmas Decor ideas because it’s never too late to make your place look festive ;) Be it garlands, flowers, snowflakes, you can make your home Christmas-ready in no time! And save some money at the same time. 

Here are a few ideas Christmas Decor Ideas for your house to get the procrastinator in you started:

Let It Snow!

A perfect Christmas decor idea for your little ones’ rooms. All you’ll need is cotton balls, strings, and something to stick. Stick Cotton balls on the strings in line and hang it in the room from the ceiling and you have a Snowy Room!. A super fun yet beautiful decor that the little ones’ are definitely going to love. 

Transform Your Ordinary Pillows

Transform your ordinary pillows into a festive decor/ holiday vibe. You’ll just need an old fleece blanket. Wrap the pillows into the blanket or cut it and sew it if you have time.

DIY Table Top

Time to use all those old Newspapers and jazz them up. Just take a few papers, cut them into pieces and pin them on top of each other to form a tree-like shape. Add a small star at the top, throw in some glitter and there you have it, a cute little table top.

Book Tree/Bottle Tree

If you’re a reader, this is just for you. Why spend money buying a tree when you can make one at home with the books? Just arrange your books in stacks and spread them out in a way that they form a cone shape and decorate with some string lights and Voila! A Christmas tree. You can also do this with old beer/wine bottles (guilty pleasure- hoarding wine bottles).

Holiday Card Display

Time to bring out the holiday cards you received in the past and go on a nostalgic ride this year! All you need is some string, small clothespins, and holiday cards of course. Attach the cards on the strings and decorate it anywhere in your home. A perfect decoration for you and your family to stop and reminisce the old memories. 

Window Decor

Cut a few christmas related things like candy caes, gifts, trees, etc from different coloured paper, jazz them up (paint/glitter) and stick them around your windows to form a border. Add some string lights for the glow.

Small Decorations around the house

Add a small Christmas touch to your corners or side tables, just grab some pine cones, paint them in green and a little silver glitter on the edges, a tiny star at the top and there you have it! Place it anywhere in and around the house for some holiday vibes

Replace The Traditional Bouquet

Though the traditional flower bouquet looks absolutely stunning, how about we swap it this time? Replace the flowers with some Christmasy items like grasses, pinecones etc. and make it eye-catching decor at home.

Get in the Christmas/Holiday vibes with these cute budget-friendly and fun decor ideas!

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!