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Helpful Phrases To Calm An Angry Child

Posted on July 28 2016

Anger Management skills are not just for adults anymore. Laying down the foundation for expressing one’s emotion in a healthy way helps one deal with future problems in a calm manner. Children learn a lot from their immediate environment and parents about handling anger and difficult situations.

Here are some helpful phrases that will help your child feel loved, needed, and most importantly express their emotions in a healthy manner. 

6 Helpful Phrases To Calm Your Child

  1. I love you: In the spur of the moment, sometimes we forget to say these things. However, it is extremely important that your child knows that you love him/her through the fights, temper tantrums, and sadness. 
  2. I see that you are upset: Acknowledging your child’s feeling is very important. Letting your child know that you can see their anger helps them become self-aware and help them talk to you.
  3. Would you like my help?: Every child reacts differently in anger. Some children need a hug to calm them down, some want a rational explanation, some need space and so on. But as a parent, it’s important to ask your child if he/she likes your help.
  4. Can we start over?: We all get worked up sometimes. There are good days and bad days. Don’t you feel some days that you could just start over? Well, it is the same with kids. Learn to put things behind and start afresh.
  5. It is not okay to: Being encouraging and loving to your child is very important. But sometimes children can get into situations which will need you stepping in and setting limits. Tell your child it’s okay to express emotions but never to hit or hurt anyone.
  6. You are safe: Children do realize that they might have gone overboard and worry if they did something wrong. They may feel you will get angry, not love them, or get scared of the repercussions. Hence, it is important to assure them that they are safe and you are there to resolve any issues together.