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Using Brainsmith Newborn Cards Beyond Visual Stimulation

Posted on September 01 2021

Using Brainsmith Newborn Cards Beyond Visual Stimulation

Brainsmith Newborn Cards are black and white high-contrast cards to boost the attention of newborn babies, improve the visual nerves, improve IQ, and promote the development of a baby's brain. They are one of the most effective ways to stimulate a baby’s vision and help them focus better. There are many different topics you can introduce to your babies and this will not only help develop their vision but will also be helpful in learning about new topics and getting accustomed to them from an early age.

The different topics are, Nature, Expressions, Patterns, Animals, Farm Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Shapes, and Objects. Each set has about 10 cards 

Since these cards are designed as independent topics that appeal to babies and toddlers, they make for great props to create activities.

For babies just over 6 months: 


Sitting in a high chair and throwing a food tantrum, place 1-3 cards in front of the child and talk about those cards to keep the baby calm and involved in a story-telling activity.
Benefit: Enhances auditory development and language and communication.

Sometimes, babies can get fussy during diaper change or while getting dressed, place these cards where the baby can see them for example, you could stick them on your cupboard or on your bed’s headboard to keep them calm and help you in a smooth diaper or clothes change.
Benefit: Keeps the baby occupied and boosts brain stimulation while you manage your task at hand seamlessly ;)

For babies who can walk: 


Spread one set of cards (animals) all around your house - place next to the dresser, one on the chair the child sits on, under the dining table, next to your laptop and so on. Send the baby on an animal-finding activity.
Benefit: Involves physical development and recognition skills.

You could also include these cards in sensory plays since they are tear-resistant and water-resistant. Place the nature cards around the house, for example, a flower card near a flower in the house or in the lawn, water card near the bathtub or just a glass of water. This way, babies can find the cards as well as touch and feel the things on the cards.
Benefit: Involves brain development skills and helps the little one associate the card with the actual object

For toddlers: 


Use the set of newborn cards (objects) to create an activity where the kid has to match it with the exact object in their house. Makes for a fun-filled time to bond with the child.
Benefit: Encourages kids to build recognition and boost memory. 

You could include some messy/sensory play as well. Use the vegetables set of newborn cards and place them all together, then ask your toddler to sort out the vegetables that grow under the soil like carrots and place them on the mud, and the ones that don’t can be placed on the grass. Or simply use both sets of the animals cards (farm animals and animals) and ask them to differentiate between farm animals and animals
Benefit: Encourages sensory development as well as build recognition and memory

For kids starting School: 


In primary schools, kids usually have a subject related to arts. Since these cards are black and white, they can be very helpful while teaching your child to draw. It can be a fun activity in which you can place a tracing sheet on any of the card and your child can then draw out the border and colour it.
Benefit: Encourage physical development along with hand-eye coordination 


These Newborn Cards can be used in many ways and not just for babies, as your baby grows, the uses of these cards increase too. They are fun, helpful and most important, help in developing your child. And what's even better - the quality of these cards makes them durable, long-lasting and something you can use for your younger babies or pass them on to new moms who don't mind using your sets!