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Dos and Don'ts during the Monsoon

Posted on June 28 2017

Dos and Don'ts during the Monsoon

Over the past few days the monsoons have been peaking, transforming the experience of the city completely. Whether it’s the damp smell in the air or a sea of colourful umbrellas clanging against another on the sidewalks, the monsoon has a charm we can’t deny. So here’s a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ that we have put together to ensure that you and your little ones make the best of the rains.


  1. Long Drives

Grab your child’s favourite fuzzy blanket and take your little one for a long drive in the rain. Roll down your windows and let your children stick their hands out in the rain. Give them the privilege to also be the DJ for the drive, allowing them to choose their favourite monsoon numbers.


  1. Hot Chocolate By The Window

Take your kettle to the window and pour some warm chocolate for your child and yourself. Take small sips while catching up with your child’s day. Share some of your favourite memories from your childhood too!

  Monsoon hot chocolate


  1. Puddle Pools

Surprise your children by donning a pair of gumboots and leading them outside to the puddles. Spend sometime jumping in the puddles with them without worrying about your clothes. Come back to a long, hot shower at home followed by a cup of warm water to keep a cold from coming.

Kids enjoying the rain


  1. Avoid Outside Food

The monsoons are known to be the season of onset for many diseases and infections. The best thing to avoid any problems for you or your children is to stay away from outside food and keep your immunity strong with a hot home cooked meal.


  1. Don’t enter an air-conditioned room if you’re wet

During the monsoons it’s hard for the kids to always to stay dry. If your children come home wet from school or otherwise, remember to make sure the air conditioner is put off until they’re completely dry and warm to avoid a cold.


  1.  Hygiene

Since infections are so easily passed around during the season, keep reminding your children to wash their hands and their face at regular intervals. Also, remind them to avoid touching their face with dirty hands since viruses can easily enter through the eyes, nose or mouth.

Kids Hygiene


That said, keep your smiles wide, umbrellas open and mugs full this season! Hope you and your family have a monsoon to remember!


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