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6 ways to use Quantum Cards

Posted on May 25 2016

6 ways to use Quantum Cards

Your little ones have the ability to learn like no other, without much effort. With Quantum Cards, you can help your little one visualize new vocabulary and they can be an excellent source of activities and game. Listed below are 6 ways to use Quantum Cards.

1. Memory based activities

Activities like Memory Teaser can be conducted by placing a selection of flashcards on the floor where they will have one minute to memorize it. Within two minutes, they have to write/speak as many names as they can remember.

2. Make me say it

Each kid gets 3 cards which can be shown to their peers. The objective here would be to make everyone remember the cards, and tell everyone what they can see.

3. Last time I saw

The name says it all. Every kid has to talk about the last time they interacted or used that particular object on the card. Kids can use WH questions like “When was the last time you saw this card?” “Who were you with when you saw it?

4. A round of Simon Says!

Quantum cards can be incorporated into a game of Simon says. Eg “Simon says, jump to the Penguin.”

5. Drilling Activities

Drilling activities can be done using a board, grid and a pen. These activities highlight the impact of visual aids. It proves that the images ‘stick’ in the kids minds.

6. Create a story!

Let the kids pick 3 cards of their choice! Once they have it ready, they have to tell a story using those 3 words/objects.

Ready to try these activities yourself? Tell us in the comments below, which way did you find most useful?