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5 must-watch cartoon shows for your kids

Posted on May 14 2016

In this age and times of television, it’s better to direct the kids to useful shows, than something frivolous. With summers here, take some time out with your kid, and witness the greatness of these cartoons, which are thoughtful in their own sweet way. Today, we bring to you a list of shows that your kids must watch, and will prove to be a learning experience.

1. Dora, the Explorer

Sharpen your child’s brain as she goes on a journey with Dora! The girl is all of seven, and sets of an adventure of her own, while solving puzzles and riddles, hopping along with her bag pack and a map.

2. Barney and Friends

Barney, the friendly purple dinosaur is here to teach you life’s lessons! Also, through songs and make-believe games, get ready to learn about manners, relationships, shapes and colours.

3. Sesame Street

The most popular muppet show – is formed by Elmo and his friends. Because of its colourful back drop, the show is not only entertaining, but also full of learnings. A sure shot way to teach your little one all about numbers, shapes, sizes and good behaviour.

4. Sid the Science Kid

Sid, his morning starts with a scientific question and his day is spent looking for answers! Parents, kids, teachers, he visits one and all to get his questions answered. A must-watch for all kids, as they will only come out knowledgeable.

5. Super Why

A sci-fi cartoon series, showcases four superheroes ready to explore the world of language. From vocabulary to spelling, to rhyming and alphabets, it will surely evoke tons of interest in your little one!

So, which television show are you going to select for your little one?