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Kid's Wooden Table and Chair Set (1 chair)

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Product Details

Here's a wooden table and chair set that your little one can call their own! Whether they want to play, read, study or eat, this one not only becomes a multi-purpose furniture set for children, it also blends in with all kinds of furniture. Easy to assemble and super sturdy, this is sure to become a child's most favourite spot to do everything they want!

Designed for toddlers and children and finished with non-toxic colours, this children's table and chair set is light-weight and sturdy and grows with your little one.

AGE: 1-5 Years

Contains 1 Wooden Table and 1 Stacking Chair


STURDY WOODEN TABLE FOR KIDS: The square table for kid's activities is made of solid rubberwood and is durable and sturdy for long-lasting use. It is light-weight and can be placed at any place indoors.

CHILD-SAFE: This wooden table for kids has all rounded edges and smooth surfaces to ensure a child's safety. The paints and colours used are non-toxic. It is a perfect match with up to 4 Wooden Stacking Chairs.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The assembly takes a maximum of 5 minutes and the table can be used for all activities of your kid's routine, be it eating, reading, colouring, writing, studying or playing.


STURDY WOODEN CHAIR: This stacking chair is made of solid rubberwood and is durable and sturdy with a cutesy and colourful design. It is a perfect match with the Kid's Wooden Table for a complete table and chair set for kids.

HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE SEAT: The seat of this wooden kid's chair is adjustable to two different heights for the comfort of little ones. With a beautiful design, this chair has no sharp edges and very smooth surfaces.

CHILD-SAFE: This wooden chair is available in 6 different colours and is completely made of non-toxic paints and materials. It has back support to keep kids comfortable and is topple-resistant.

STACKABLE: Two or more chairs can be stacked one over the other to optimise space. Our wooden chairs for kids are environmentally sustainable. The smooth finish of these chairs makes it a child's favourite!

USABILITY: This kid's chair is also suitable for an adult to sit on. It can take up to 90 kgs weight and its design makes it a beautiful fit with all kinds of furniture. It comes packed in a flat box with all instructions, fittings and accessories to assemble it.

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