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Newborn Cards

A newborn baby’s brain is designed to learn best from human interaction. Research suggests that exposing very little babies to black and white colours increases the amount of time spent looking at the environment from an average of 4-5 minutes to up to 45 minutes.

  • Engaging high-contrast infant cards
  • A set of 10 black and white cards
  • Baby-friendly images
  • Portable and gift-worthy

Our range of Newborn Cards


Animals Infant Cards Expressions Infant Cards Farm Animals Infant Cards 

Objects Infant Cards Patterns Newborn Visual Stimulation Shapes Black and White Infant Cards

How do they help?

  • Development of 
    Visual Sensory Pathways

  • Imagination and
    Brain Stimulation

  • Build Focus and

  • Introduction to
    new concepts

Newborn Beginner Kit

Stimulate your new-born baby’s eyesight with this kit of black and white images covering basic silhouettes to grasp and hold a baby’s focus. Curated specifically as a kit so as to provide innumerable opportunities for your little one to be surrounded by high-contrast images to develop and boost their visual sensory pathways.