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Learn to Play the Xylophone

Posted on August 11 2021

Learn to Play the Xylophone

Children are more often than not attracted to nursery rhymes, jingles and cartoon songs. These melodies and tunes are easily playable and teachable when using a Xylophone, therefore combining fun, entertainment, development and growth all into one activity. Here are a few tutorials that you can learn and play with your little one:

1. Mary Had a Little Lamb


Playing a Xylophone provides multiple sensory benefits to children. It improves hand eye coordination amongst children.

2. Baa Baa Black Sheep

 It helps them tune their association of colours, the notes of sound produced each time the mallet hits the key.

3. London Bridge

 It breeds creativity in them to explore and create new tunes and symphonies.

4. Itsy Bitsy Spider

 The skills that were acquired and tuned in the process of playing the Xylophone will act as a segue to learn other instruments in the future

5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Lastly, It is extremely simple to learn. 

It is quite common for many parents to pick the art of playing musical instruments as the appropriate activity, and with good merit. Musical Instruments have been proven to improve fine motor skills amongst children and at the same time is a means of entertainment and fun. Studies have also shown that children who play musical instruments have a higher sense of achievement and pride compared to their peers. Last but not the least, having the skill set to play a musical instrument can have academic, social and economic benefits in the future.

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