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Ingenious ways of using Quantum Cards

Posted on January 23 2017

Ingenious ways of using Quantum Cards


Different ways of using Quantum Cards

We’d like to start an interactive series with you where we can exchange ideas for different ways of using Quantum Cards.

Kids need constant innovation on our part to keep their minds engaged and keep them interested. If your kid is bored with the traditional way of using Quantum Cards, then you can reinvent the wheel and come up with some ingenious ideas of learning with Quantum Cards.

To get you started, we’ve come up with something we like to call ‘Match the following.’

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Take different sets of cards (you can start with two initially) and find the common angle in them e.g. countries and flags; inventors and countries; Indian Monuments and States of India.
  2. Next you can spread the sets on the floor and ask your child to match the right country and flag or you can also show the cards to her one by one and again ask her to match the right card corresponding to the one in your hand.

Match The Following

For e.g. let’s take National Flags Set 1 and the Quantum Cards Set- Countries.

  1. Brazil- National Flag Of Brazil
  2. China- National Flag Of China
  3. France- National Flag Of France
  4. India- National Flag Of India
  5. Italy- National Flag Of Italy
  6. Japan- National Flag Of Japan
  7. South Africa- National Flag Of South Africa
  8. Spain- National Flag Of Spain
  9. United Kingdom- National Flag Of United Kingdom
  10. United States- National Flag Of United States

You can do a similar exercise with other sets as well:

  • Match the country with its inventor e.g. Graham Bell is from Scotland
  • Match a monument to its country e.g. The Sphinx is an Egyptian landmark

And so on….

Not only will these inventive ideas add fun and break the monotony in learning facts for your child, they will go on to serve as a good learning progression for her.

We will keep sharing more ways of using the cards in subsequent weeks and keenly look forward to hear of your fun experiences and ideas, as well.   :)