How to use Reading Cards

Posted on February 05 2017

How to use Reading Cards

How to use Reading Cards

Now that you’ve learnt how to create Reading Cards in our last blog, let’s learn how to use these reading cards with your little one.

Here’s what you should do? 

  • Start with preparing a minimum of 200 words at least as kids learn at a very fast pace that only keeps increasing as they progress in their learning.

Doman Reading Cards

  • Next you can club the reading cards under different headers such as fruits, vegetables, animals etc.

Glenn Doman Reading Cards

  • Now, arrange the words in sets of four or five.

Reading Cards

  • Ensure you shuffle the different sets before a fresh reading exercise to break the monotony and bring in fresh challenge for your child.
  • According to Glenn Doman , ‘"There is a natural rhythm to the way we human beings learn, and the rhythm for tiny children is much faster than it is for adults.". Therefore the ideal way to flash the cards to kids is not more than one second.
  • Your child will draw from your energy and enthusiasm, so ensure that your voice and body language reflects both.
  • Lastly, depending on your child’s inclination and interest, make sure you repeat the exercise two to three times in a day as repetition helps kids retain better.

And , always remember the rule of thumb mentioned in the last blog of never thrusting the learning process upon your kids.