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Evolving Education Trends

Posted on August 30 2021

Evolving Education Trends

The COVID-19 crisis is changing the educational landscape, often in unpredictable ways. It’s tough to know exactly what the upcoming school year will look like.

That said, there is an increasing awareness about Early Childhood Education (ECE). Early years of a child's life are very crucial for growth and development. Measures taken in those years are going to have a foundational impact on their future. Early childhood educators and psychologists have also been speaking about it for a long time. And now, we can actually see the growth. Many of us have now understood that early support for children does bring great rewards down the track.

Here are a few trends that we’ve been seeing rapidly grow since the pandemic

1. Remote Learning

The year 2020 brought us many things, but one of those things is Remote Learning. Kids can now learn from anywhere with the right technology. While it started as something hectic, it’s turning out to be beneficial for many. There are definitely many things to work out still, but with the right technology and creative learning plans, it might be here to stay.

2. Project-Based

With remote learning, teachers also have to think of different ways to make learning more interesting. Therefore, project-based has proved to be a hit. In a project-based learning method, kids don’t have to just sit in front of a computer and listen to what the teacher says but, use their minds to solve problems and stay involved in the project and allow them to experience learning on an individual scale as they move at their own pace. This means kids will be less passive in learning.

3. Technology

The incorporation of technology in education is going to be huge as we move forward. We are seeing it happen now in the digital tests, assignments, and other subjects. The digital tests and assignments will allow teachers to understand their students' potential more individually and save time when it comes to grading papers to focus on their subject plans. Technology also leads to a more personalized as well as learning where students can choose what they want to learn and when.

4. Gamification

The most effective way of learning is by making it fun. A learning strategy that involves using games and rewards to teach students has profound benefits. Students who play gamified activities in class can learn to value learning as their own reward and become active, engaged learners over time. There are many toys that teachers and parents use in order to build their child’s skills like building blocks, pretend play toys, etc. #learntheplayway

5. Personalised Learning

Personalised learning has been on the rise and with the rise of digital learning and grading programmes and softwares, teachers can understand their students’ potential more individually and cater to it. And since we have virtual schooling now, the focus on personalised learning is even more.