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Doesn’t curiosity always get the better of a child?

Posted on June 24 2016

Children are known to be curious creatures. They have their own unique way of exploring, questioning, wondering, and in the process, they often end up learning! From the day they are born or perhaps even earlier, children start exploring. They want to know everything around them. They explore, discover and learn.

We often see little children switch on and switch off the lights continuously, they are actually only exploring how does this motion work. When you feed your child, and he reacts differently to different kind of food, he is only exploring the difference between sweet, sour and bitter. If a child remains curious, he will continue exploring, and learning!

When the kids are playing in the playground, and happen to make a discovery, you will notice that they keep going back to the same place. It’s their curious mind which takes them back, and they explore and learn more about their discovery. This cycle of learning is extremely positive because it is governed by the act of curiosity and discovery. More often than not, when the kids are bored of their toys, they tend to break them, to get rid of them, and hence get new stuff in the bargain.

Hence it is extremely important to keep the curiousness alive in your little one! Once curiosity dies, the most natural form of learning takes a backseat. What can kill curiosity? Well, firstly, the presence of fear. When they are afraid, they are unable to take the leap of faith. Secondly, too much of Don’ts. Do not stop them from doing too many things. Let them explore, discover, and be themselves. Lastly, the absence of a caring person, with whom they are comfortable, and share their discoveries.

Hence, we must not stop this curious process in the little one’s life! When you’ll truly allow your child to share their discovery with you, you will learn to rediscover in the process.