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Children educate themselves, is it really so?

Posted on June 20 2016

Do children really educate themselves? It’s a question which just stays on our mind! While you do have responsibilities towards your little one, in the way of creating a protective and clean environment, but as far as learning is concerned, your little ones are built in a fashion to get educated!

Even before a systematic route or path is etched out for them in school, children learn so much. Seeing their surroundings, they learn to walk, jump, run, talk in their native language (which is a big deal), all this even before they begin school!

And their education is not just limited to this. They even learn the psychological tricks – annoyance, happiness, sadness and the likes of it. They learn all this not through some educational path, but through their own will and curiosity. From physical education to Science education, to Moral education, your children learn it all!

Look at them the next time they try to walk, they don’t need to be motivated, they will continue doing it until they can get it right. Watch them play with their friends, and you will notice how they learn to take other children into account and their point of views, to how they learn to compromise and negotiate!

These are life lessons which no school, or systematic format of learning can teach them! All these learning abilities come naturally to your little ones, thanks to their ever-exploring and observing nature. Hence, the next time around, worry about not giving a healthy environment to your little one, not education, because they will learn to educate themselves!

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