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4 Ways to use Quantum Cards (Flash Cards) for Kids

Posted on December 21 2022

4 Ways to use Quantum Cards (Flash Cards) for Kids
The initial years of a child are extremely important because they set the foundation for future development and a fun way to introduce a concept that might be related to animals, colours or even the solar system are Brainsmith’s Quantum Cards. With Quantum Cards you are engaging the child in a format that will make him or her curious. While the actual way to introduce these Quantum Cards to your child is to flash the set of cards one after the other, here are 4 fun and engaging ways to use the Quantum Cards.
1. A Round of Simon Says - You can arrange the Quantum Cards face up and then you tell your child that they will hold up their cards or not, depending on
whether they hear you say Simon says. To begin the game, say, for example, Simon says pick up the flag of India, the child then holds up their Indian flag card.
2. Create a story - You can use different packs of Quantum Cards to create a story or even encourage your little ones to use their imagination and weave short stories. Alternatively, Quantum Cards can also be used during story time.
Create a story
3. Drilling Activities - Stick nine quantum cards on the soft board and draw a grid around them. Use a pen or a pointer to drill the nine words by repeating them often to your child. Gradually remove the Quantum Cards but continue to drill and point to the grid where the Quantum Card was. When the first card is removed and you point to the blank space, encourage your child to say the word of the removed flash card.
Drilling Activities
4. Memory based activities - Place a selection of Quantum Cards face down while showing your child each card before placing it down. Once you have placed all the cards face down ask your child to guess each card is placed.
Memory based activities