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Super Shape Sorting Lorry Combo

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Super Shape Sorting Combo is a child's favorite, hands down! With a toy on wheels, colourful shapes and Quantum Cards adding to their knowledge of cars and shapes, this a perfect gift set for kids, this Raksha Bandhan.

The super shape sorting lorry is an attractive wooden toy which carries shapes of different colours. Children sort can them into corresponding bars, recognize different colours and improve their counting skills.

Quantum Cards are large flashcards with tons of facts on one side and a beautiful image on the other. These cards are used to stimulate babies' brains, build knowledge and add to your child's activity time.

Super Shape Sorting Lorry Combo includes:
1) Super Shape Sorting Lorry
2) Two Sets of Quantum Cards (Suggested topics: Geometric Shapes + Land Vehicles)

You can choose any topics from our list of Quantum Cards and include your preferred topics under 'Special Instructions' while placing the order.

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