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Logic Stacking Combo

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The Logic Stacking Combo is one of our most unique gifts for children. With our innovative Logic Stacking wooden toy to build logical thinking and Quantum Cards to aid brain development, learning time is more than just playtime.

Logic stacking is a game to train hand-eye coordination, motor skills and every child's brain. With one perfect solution to master this game, children will learn how to think in the right way.

Quantum Cards are large flashcards with tons of facts on one side and a beautiful image on the other. These cards are used to stimulate babies' brains, build knowledge and add to your child's activity time.

The Logic Stacking Combo includes:
1) Logic Stacking
2) Two Sets of Quantum Cards (Suggested topics: Indian Entrepreneurs and Global Entrepreneurs)

You can choose any topics from our list of Quantum Cards and include your preferred topics under 'Special Instructions' while placing the order.

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