Christmas gifts for kids

'Tis the season to be merry!

For a Joyful and Merry Christmas, be your little one's Secret Santa and get them their favorite presents!

Shape Sorting Clock - Christmas day gifts for kids

Shape Sorting Clock

It's time to countdown to Christmas! Using this colourful wooden clock, your little one can not just learn to tell the time but also help you count the hours, minutes and seconds on Christmas Eve!

All this, coupled with enhanced fine motor skills and knowledge about colours, numbers and time make this a perfect Christmas present.


Rs. 1399



Wooden Construction Train

It's the 21st century and Santa wants a new ride this Christmas - a colourful wooden train to carry all his gifts instead of that heavy sack.  And the best part - your little ones can create their own version of Santa's ride to their homes. 

Apart from lots of gifts, Santa wants to encourage your kid's imagination and enhance building skills and hand-eye coordination.


Rs. 3499

Wooden Construction Train - Christmas gifts for kids
Super shape sorter lorry - Christmas gifts for kids

Super Shape Sorting Lorry

This one is Santa's favorite toy and he will only give this to children who've been good this year and we know all your little ones have been more than good :) This not only teaches shapes and colours but also makes for a great role play toy! 

So make your little one happy and fulfill their wish to own Santa's favorite toy!


Rs. 1799

Fruit Maze

We all know little children and fruits are not the best of friends. But Santa sure knows a way to get his little munchkins to love his favorite fruits! This magnetic fruit maze will entice your little one to eat all of his favorite fruits and in turn, build hand-eye coordination and focus!


Rs. 1999

Fruit maze - Christmas gifts for kids
Rocking Horse - Christmas gifts for kids

Rocking Horse

Reindeer are passé because now horses are Santa's favorite! They're swifter and help deliver all the presents in one night. This gorgeous rocking horse is the perfect way for your little ones to own their very own pony!


Rs. 5499

New Born Beginner Kit

New-born babies are Santa's most favorite tiny humans. And that's why he's got them the best present to help build their vision, increase concentration. These sets of high contrast Infant Cards are used to create soothing surroundings. 

Curated specifically as a kit so as to provide innumerable opportunities for your little one to boost their visual sensory pathways.


Rs. 1999

New Born Beginner Kit - Christmas gifts for kids
Starter Kit - Christmas gifts for kids

Starter Kit

Santa understands the potential your little one has to grow up to be a genius! That's why he's got you the Starter Kit of Quantum Cards. Suitable for little ones from 8 months to 8 years, this kit will keep them eager to learn and embark on a great learning adventure.


Rs. 3499