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Reading Resources

  • 6 ways to use Quantum Cards

    Posted on May 25 2016

    Your little ones have the ability to learn like no other, without much effort. With Quantum Cards, you can help your little one visualize new vocabulary and they can be...

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  • Get your child ready with the 21st Century Learning skills!

    Posted on May 20 2016

    Gone are the days of the traditional methods of learning – the 3 R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Here walks in P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning. In collaboration...

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  • 5 Best Animated Movies for Kids

    Posted on May 16 2016

    Animated movies can offer quite a bit to kids – be it entertainment or things to learn. Movies can help kids in learning stories of different cultures and enhance their...

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  • 5 must-watch cartoon shows for your kids

    Posted on May 14 2016

    In this age and times of television, it’s better to direct the kids to useful shows, than something frivolous. With summers here, take some time out with your kid, and...

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  • 7 best reads for your little ones

    Posted on May 12 2016

    Your little one can absorb a lot more than you can imagine! Early childcare is one of the best ways to develop their little minds! Let’s go a step further...

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  • 10 Best Mother’s Day gift ideas

    Posted on May 06 2016

    Mother’s Day – do our mom’s really need just a day for appreciation? Well, no! But nonetheless, let’s shower our mommies with attention this Sunday! Here are a few gift...

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