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  • 7 Brain Foods for Kids' Smart Development In your quest for the wholesome development of your child’s body and mind, ensure you include the right kind of nourishment in your little ones daily food intake. For as we all know, a healthy mind and body will make for a happy and sharp kid.
    7 Brain Foods for Kids' Smart Development

    Posted on January 18 2017

    With so much emphasis on early childhood development, early brain development, and early learning it’s equally important that we talk about the right kind of food and nourishment for young...

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  • 6 ways to use Quantum Cards

    Posted on May 25 2016

    Your little ones have the ability to learn like no other, without much effort. With Quantum Cards, you can help your little one visualize new vocabulary and they can be...

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  • Get your child ready with the 21st Century Learning skills!

    Posted on May 20 2016

    Gone are the days of the traditional methods of learning – the 3 R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Here walks in P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning. In collaboration...

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